Iconic Berco’s is open and serving better than ever Chinese Cuisine

Kavita Singal

The iconic Berco’s is open! Berco’s has been around for decades. Berco’s has been open from a time when there weren’t any authentic Chinese (and later Thai) options to go to. Despite new outlets opening, Berco’s has remained consistent with its offerings, affordable prices and ample portion sizes, expanding its outlets in Delhi-NCR as well as out of Delhi. In fact, many Delhites recount fond visits to Berco’s enjoying their good food with friends and family alike.

Go to any one of Berco’s outlets in Delhi, you will find the same consistency. We went to the outlet in MGF Metropolitan Mall. Situated on the third floor, it is easily accessible. At the entrance staff is trained in all precautions for Covid with a thermal check and sanitizer available at the entrance, ensuring all diners safety. Inside all servers are wearing gloves and face shields and masks – another safety precaution for diners benefit. Cutlery is in sanitized and presented in paper cases, served directly to your table.

When you first enter Berco’s you immediately notice the full wall panel with colorful Buddha heads giving a very serene and oriental feel. Walls are detailed with traditional yet modern art work, chairs have rich woodwork with Chinese calligraphy upholstery giving the space a very oriental yet modern feel. An interesting space indeed to enjoy a wonderful meal! While browsing through their extensive menu enjoy the western playlist in the background. 

While in Berco’s one must have their Fruit Beer. This Fruit Beer is only served in Berco’s. It is a chilled non-alcoholic beverage, it’s very popular. Once you taste this chilled refreshing beverage, you will know why.

Berco’s Chinese & Thai cuisine menu has so many fantastic dishes, so it’s really hard to stick to just one. We started with the Wonton soup and Talumein soup, available in both veg and non-veg. The soup portion was ample, so much so if you want a light snack or light filler this would be perfect for one person, or then easily shareable. Same goes for their other soups. The wonton soup had dumplings vegetables with a light flavorful broth that satisfies the taste buds.  And the Talumein is a wholesome soup with a rich thick soup filled with assorted vegetables, noodles and if one takes the non-veg version, you will also get hearty pieces of boneless chicken.

Following the soups we had starters, Fried Dumplings with Sweet Chili Sauce, Pan Fried Kothe, Thai Green Curry Vegetables Dumplings, Chicken Dumplings with Lemon and Thai Red Curry, Cheese and Corn Rolls, Corn Pepper Salt, Chicken Drumsticks, Shredded Chicken with Dry Red Chilies. Each dish was prepared with care, right from the dumplings skins, the juicy fillings in both veg and non-veg, with the accompanied sauces. The flavors of each dish were unique and delicious. A special mention is for their Signature Thai Green Curry Vegetables Dumplings a unique preparation of dumplings complimented with a Green Curry base, one must try this to experience all the flavors and textures the chef has worked to put together using kaffir lime, lemon grass, galangal ginger. And of course there is the Signature Chicken Dumplings with Lemon and Thai Red Curry. The Lemons tanginess gives the dish a unique kick, as do the red chilies.

By the time we were done with the starters, we were so full. But the amazing friendly staff convinced us to have the main course as well. Being a foodie it’s hard to resist. So we had their Signature Thai Red Curry and Thai Green Curry (because it’s so good). Kung Pao Chicken, another signature dish which consists of chicken wok tossed with dry red chili in a soya ginger sauce and crunchy peanuts served with Butter Pepper Garlic Noodles, and Steamed Rice. Even though the main courses were delicious, we had to get the main course packed to enjoy at home. As we wanted to have dessert too!

A must try in the desserts is the Chef’s take on the classic Date Pancakes, which is the Dates and Walnuts Rolls served with Vanilla ice-cream. An absolute delight, the light flaky crust filled with sweet dates and a bite of walnuts served the best compliment of vanilla ice-cream. A perfect end to a perfect meal! Berco’s is a must go for all Pan-Asian cuisine lovers, it serves authentic cuisine, in pocket friendly prices.

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