This Christmas, “Say it with Santa” with Visit Finland

This year Santa is making sure all of your Christmas wishes are heard
with Say it with Santa. Anyone can ask Santa Claus to send a personal
message to the people they care about, bringing loved ones together no
matter where in the world they are.

A lucky few will also get a chance to chat with the old fellow in a private one-to-one session! We’ve heard that Santa might also make an appearance on social media.

Christmas is a season of peace and community, best spent with friends and
relatives. Visit Finland, the national travel authority, wanted to bring cheer and help people keep in touch with their loved ones during this special time of year. Finland is the happiest country on earth for the third year in a row, and as we all know, Santa also hails from Finland.

Speaking from his home in Korvatunturi in Lapland, Finland, Santa Claus
said: “Say it with Santa will allow us to bring some extra festive cheer to a
year that certainly needs it. The elves and I have been working hard
throughout the year and I look forward to hearing from many boys and girls.”

Who would you like to greet?

Say it with Santa is based on a simple idea. Anyone can ask Santa to relay
their message by writing it down for him. Santa will go through all the
messages and he’s expecting to read about 80 messages for broadcast. The
videos will be published on Visit Finland’s YouTube channel in early

Would you like to cheer up a friend abroad? Congratulate someone or
profess your love? Is there someone special you haven’t seen in a long time? What’s more, everyone has a chance to meet Santa live on Visit Finland’s
channels on 11 December at 6pm GMT. You can even apply for a private
one-on-one session with Santa!

Say it with Santa: What and when?

  • November 18–29 – Submit your message to Santa. You can also apply for a private one-to-one session with him. You can do this at
  • November 30 to December 6 – Santa will go through all the applications and choose the ones that will be turned into personal greeting videos.
  • December 7–13 – The personal greeting videos will be uploaded to Visit Finland’s YouTube channel and delivered personally. You can also meet Santa live on Visit Finland’s social media channels on December 11.
  • December 14–20 – A select few will have one-on-one sessions online with Santa!
  • December 24–25 – It’s Christmas time! Enjoy the spirit and warmth of Christmas, wherever you are.

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