Interview with Nihar Mehta, GM-Human Resources, Sarovar Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality sector has been majorly impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. However, hotels and resorts are hopeful and are all set with strategies to be on the improving path. One such property is Sarovar Hotels and Resorts. Nihar Mehta, GM-Human Resources, Sarovar Hotels & Resorts shares in details about the Sarovar’s strategy and many more things in details. 

To begin with, undoubtedly hospitality sector has been majorly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic situation. So what is the current scenario right now? Can we say it is on the improving path now? 

Currently, the situation has improved with more and more people becoming aware of basic protocols to be followed. The Covid protocols in companies, In public, in restaurants, During public transportation, In restaurants etc have made people aware of safety norms during these pandemic times. Things are definitely on an improvement, and people are travelling, exploring new places and going out in general, but with safety measures and protocols in place. Companies overall and organisations are also reiterating the need for Covid safety measures, which has been helpful.

How has been Sarovar hotels & resorts cope with the situation? What is the strategy now to come out of the pandemic situation? 

Sarovar Hotels has been very careful during the pandemic times, and has taken Covid protocols and safety norms very seriously at hotels and offices. Communication has played a key role at all hotels to avoid any kind of issues at work places. All Covid safety protocols have been repeatedly given to hotels and hotels have been trained to follow the norms, both for guests and employees.

How has been occupancy now? What are the challenges which are still prevailing and how to cope up with them? 

Occupancy has been improving now and there is change which has been experienced. Business has improved compared to last year. The challenges are there, as even though the Covid protocols are being followed at hotels, the Covid cases are increasing from time to time. Additionally, there are times that people in general, do start taking things easily while travelling etc., which does lead to increase in cases.

Another major area which is impacted is the human resource as to avoid physical contacts; profits impacted the number of manpower and so on. So, What is your new approach in utilising the human resource post Covid 19? What could be the HR strategies? 

People will have to work on developing / acquiring new skills to learn for the future job market. This shall require time and investment in many courses. One of the main strategies for HR is to adapt itself in the current scenario, which has changed the way things are done. Now one the main strategy is to get people learning on board. Employees have to be brought on board to learn new skills and adapt themselves according to the new way of doing business and functioning. New ways to motivate employees have to be seen and developed, for employees to be enthused for their work and roles.

According to you, what would be the future of the hospitality sector in the post pandemic period? What are the plans of Sarovar Hotels specifically to come back to the flourishing days? 

According to me, Hospitality would be experiencing a change. There would be limited manpower and optimum utilization of space shall be the norm going forward. Since there is a limitation to seating, travel and staying at hotels, marketing and sales would be a major role to attract guests in general. Additionally, guests safety shall continue to be an important attraction for guests, when choosing hotels.  Sarovar Hotels is also following the important protocols for guests safety as safety for guests and employees are of utmost importance.

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